Museum national d'histoire naturelle (MNHN)

Tipo de actor / Type d'acteur: Institución de investigación / Institution de recherche
Disciplina / Discipline:
  • Ciencias de la tierra y del universo / Sciences de la terre et de l'univers
  • Biología-medicina-salud / Biologie-médecine-santé
  • Agronomía y ambiente / Agronomie et environnement
Description: At the crossroads of the Earth, life and human sciences, the Museum has devoted its resources to the study of nature for close to 400 years. Our fivefold mission consists in: RESEARCH: FUNDAMENTAL AND APPLIED: The Museum is dedicated to the study of Earth and life on Earth, from their origins to modern times. It fills a unique position on the biodiversity Research landscape. The heirs to a long tradition of voyages of discovery, our scientists conduct research both in the lab and in the field, participating in numerous missions in France and worldwide to inventory and study the planet’s natural and cultural diversity. To better understand the Earth’s history and evolution, as well as human impact on nature, the Museum relies on a number of complementary disciplines: geology, paleontology, systematics, ecology, biology, physiology, genetics, chemistry, prehistory, anthropology, ethnology, and more. COLLECTIONS: A veritable library of life, the Museum manages, enriches and makes available one of the world’s three largest natural history collections. Our collections cover every area of biodiversity, past and present: plants, animals, fossils, minerals and meteorites, as well as prehistoric, anthropological and ethnological artefacts. We are also home to one of the world’s largest library catalogues in these fields, with an incomparable collection of reference works and documentation on nature, life and the history of both, which we preserve, add to and lend. A record of nature’s diversity, our natural history collections and documentation represent an exceptional tool for scientists worldwide. EDUCATION: Education is one of the Museum’s founding missions, dating back almost four centuries. Programmed draw on our vast collections and multidisciplinary research. Our educational offer is threefold: - Master’s in Evolution, natural heritage and societies (6 majors); - Doctoral program in Natural and human sciences; - Continuing education for school teachers EXPERTISE: A National center of reference on nature, the Museum carries out a mission of expertise for the French government and for many other national, international, public and private organizations. The Museum’s expertise is grounded in scientific knowledge. We provide the scientific basis for decision-making on nature conservation policy and the characterization of conservation status for species, natural habitats and ecosystems. We also develop indicators and conduct impact studies for new development projects. DISSEMINATION OF KNOWLEDGE: From the time of its creation, the Museum’s vocation has been to transmit naturalist knowledge. Today this involves raising awareness about the importance of biodiversity and the future of the planet. Whether it be through our galleries, zoological and botanical gardens, permanent and temporary exhibitions, live collections, school programs, public courses, conferences and films, access to the unique documentation in our libraries or sharing content online, our goal at the Museum is clear: make knowledge about nature accessible to all. The Museum is a unique repository with a major scientific legacy that allies unparalleled knowledge and know-how.
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